What is recommended interior cladding panel?

What is recommended interior cladding panel?


What is recommended interior cladding panel?


There are quite a few options for interior wall cladding, therefore it is virtually impossible to answer shortly to your questions. It all depends on the room function, the desired style and many other factors.

What I can do though is take the opportunity to recommend a less common interior wall cladding product which uses natural moss that has been cleaned and preserved. The Moss cladding panels do not need artificial light, watering or fertilization, thus becoming a great option for those who love green walls.

The products made of Moss come in 2 versions which can be used for wall and ceiling design, room partition and furniture and object design.

  1. MOSS Green Flexible

This is reindeer moss (also known as Iceland moss) which is mounted on standardized, flexible carrier panels.

What is great about it is that it’s made for easy self installation and can be cut to size easily. The elements can be combined over large areas. The natural moss can be placed around objects in a flat, convex or concave way or even installed as a moss wall. It comes in 2 colors: moss green and apple green.

2. MOSS Evergreen Premium

This real Iceland moss is mounted on 10 mm black MDF. It comes in 15 different colors. Self-installation is easy with the help of mounting and frame systems. The individual panels can also be screwed directly onto the wall on top of existing construction or panels.

It can be easily used to decorate: offices and residential interiors, trade fair shows or hotels. It can be also used in retail design, wellness/quiet rooms, restaurants, reception and conference rooms.

I am not sure if this answer helps in any way, but it is a nice opportunity to discuss about less common wall cladding options.