ALABAMA IROKO Outdoor Sofa 180CM


Italian Outdoor Sofa Alabama Iroko Collection

Designer: Marco Acerbis


  • Size: L 120CM x D 85CM x H 80CM
  • Seat height: 37CM
  • Weight: 35 KG
  • Iroko wood frame (L6).
  • Cushions in beige fabric (C92)
    • Polyester belts.
    • Cushions with removable covers, easy to wash and weather resistant.
    • Quick dry foam padding.


      • 10 - 15 working days

      Alabama Collection

      Italian design sophistication and the finest artistry are brought together in the creation of Alabama collection, the combined endeavour of an exceptional, handmade production. A contemporary and classy sofa with comfortable seats and compacted dimensions, which satisfies any space and style requirement. Alabama collection is a perfect alchemy of different materials that perfectly suit any place or environment. Don’t neglect the quality of the Made in Italy.


      • For additional protection, we recommend the use of our covers in winter season or in the evening mainly in rainy periods.
      • For dacron padding cushions in rainy conditions a dry area should be provided to prevent the formation of mold.
      • You can safely launder both fabric in a washing machine.
      • Initial water temperature should not exceed 40°C.
      • Do not dry clean.
      • Do not use electrical dryer and do not iron.
      • Use our “Wood care kit” for cleaning and maintenance of wood surfaces.
      • Small surface stains caused by oil or other foodstuffs must be removed immediately, before the wood absorbs them, by sanding the area concerned and polishing it with a hessian cloth.

      Type: Outdoor Sofa

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