BALL Pool Round Grey Ø90CM


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Neutral colours have become the new trend. Suddenly, with this new Danish design, the toys can become part of the decor.  You can still spice up the neutrals, by adding an extra sets of 50 colourful balls. 

The ball pool helps increase the child's strength and coordination as he or she learns to sit, climb and turn into the ball pool.The child can also learn to throw, kick or push as she/he grows.

Key Facts - Ball pit

  • made of foam;
  • it is flexible and comfortable and it will quickly correct itself;
  • the cover is made of 95% cotton, 5% elastane;
  • the cover is washable at 40 degrees;
  • 200 grey and white balls included;
  • extra balls of different colours can be purchased separately;
  • sizes:
    • diameter 90CM, h: 30CM;
    • diameter 90CM, h: 40CM;

Key Facts - Balls

  • made of LDPE plastic;
  • odour-free;
  • CE tested;
  • the diameter of each ball is 7 cm;
  • Ball pool should only be used by children able to sit by themselves:
    • 12 months and older for 30cm deep;
    • 18 months and older 40cm deep.
  • 3 days delivery when in stock;
  • 2 weeks delivery when out of stock;

The children spend a lot of energy playing in the pool and they can even fall asleep because there is enough room. The children get tired in an entirely natural way. You can sit by the side and let your children take advantage of their amazing imagination.

Children should be supervised at all times.

The ball pool meets the requirements of Directive 2009/48/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 June 2009 on the safety of toys.

Type: Toys

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