Italian ARMCHAIR Outdoor ESSENCE Collection 

Designer: Studio Talenti


  • Armchair 
    • H: 82 W:57 L:58
    • Weight: 4kg
  • INOX Armchair
    • H: 82 W:57 L:58
    • Weight: 5kg
  • All the Essence Aluminum items have an aluminum frame which is painted in white colour (A12)
  • All the Essence Inox items have a stainless steel frame (I1)
  • The table has a matt silk-screened top glass in dove colour.
  • All the Essence Teak items have an aluminum frame painted in white colour (A12) and antique teak (L2).


      • 10 - 15 working days

      Essence Collection

      Triple meeting of shapes. Triple combination of materials. One great collection: Essence collection. Aluminum, stainless steel and teak for your outdoor living and dining. Whether you’ve got a minimalist taste closer to the aluminum lines or linked to the antique teak charm, you cannot help but love this collection.


      • For additional protection, we recommend the use of our covers in winter season or in the evening mainly in rainy periods.
      • Use a moist soft cloth with a small amount of a mild soap for cleaning textilene fabric and rub gently if needed.
      • The fabric is breathable and dries quickly.
      • Use warm water and a mild soap for cleaning stainless steel frame and then wipe it using a cotton cloth until the surface is dry.
      • You can use stainless steel cleaners and if you use a scouring pad you should scour in the same direction as the surface satin finish.
      • Do not use chlorine bleach or any product containing chloride.
      • Use the specific “Wood care” kit for cleaning and maintenance of wood surfaces.

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