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Maps super-stickers are our bestseller from the first day when we included them on our offer, at the beginning of 2015. They are loved by moms, bloggers and, of course, children. Maps are colour stickers of large sizes with educational functions. Children can learn about continents, the most famous world buildings, popular means of transport and places where animals live (for selection). To each map, we add a set with the largest cities so you get also a geography test!

Our maps were awarded:

  • Super product 2015 award granted by Mam Dziecko magazine
  • Parent’s Choice Award 2016
  • Consumer Awards during Kind+Jugend Expo in Cologne, Germany
  • Supermama Awards 2016 – gold medal

These are some of the most prestigious branch awards in Poland and Europe and we are greatly proud of them. They appreciated esthetical and educational features.

If it’s still too small for you, then maybe the biggest sizes will do. They are created to fill the empty walls, they change the whole character of the room creating a wonderful, magical atmosphere of adventure.


Small set:

  • 120×70 cm is a perfect way to decorate space above children's desks.

Big set:

  • 150 x 90 cm are best if you want a big decor in your baby’s room. The fit over normal size beds or on empty walls. We love those large ones because they TRULY ARE a major decoration in the room like the one in the pictures.

    Key Information:

    • 10 - 15 days delivery time when not in stock

    Our wall stickers are printed on a special polyester woven material that is created for wall decoration. We never use any advertisement or outdoor material but materials that are safe and properly adapted to it’s destined use.

    Our materials are made with acrylic glue and have a block-out function which means that no colour on the wall can be seen through our wall stickers or wallpapers.

    It has a delicate surface structure (just like any fashion material). This allows us to print the most beautiful colours and most lively looking animals, the quality of the print is amazing.

    Our wall stickers are very easy to apply and do not require any wet cloth or additional foil or glue. However, the surface of a wall sticker can be scratched (though it’s not an easy task) therefore we recommend to use only hands or dry cloth for application. No wooden or sharp equipment is needed. The wall sticker has no transparent foil to help with the application because there’s no need for that. It’s super simple!

    Before applying our wall sticker please make sure that the wall is properly primed. Then clean the surface from any dust or dirt.

    Our wall stickers are cut with a small white frame – around 0,5 – 1 cm. That’s why they look best ON WHITE WALLS.