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Key facts:

  • FREE Tuition,
  • Study Program Taught in English,
  • International Environment,
  • Excellent combination of theory lectures and project work.

Are you interested in energy optimization, renewable energy in building design, building operations, and indoor climate? Today, there is a great focus on energy use and renewable energy. Consequently, it is expected that the building industry will contribute to creating solutions to the challenges which society meets in connection with restructuring the energy system into 100% renewable energy. As a Master of Science in Technology in Building Energy Design, you will work with reduction and optimization of energy use in buildings through for example application of renewable energy in both design, construction, and operation.

Study Program:

  • Building Energy Use and Indoor Environmental Quality,
  • Building Ventilation, Heating and Cooling,
  • Building Commissioning, Operation and Environmental Impact,
  • Master Thesis.

Career opportunities: 

With a Master of Science in Technology in Building Energy Design, you have plenty of opportunities to find work. Your potential future job title could be for instance

  • Project Manager
  • Specialist
  • Energy Consultant
  • Head of Operations

You can work in consulting engineering companies where you can make calculations, choose materials, and supervise the construction. You can also work in large organizations as for instance hospitals and large real-estate companies and municipalities where you can work with the optimization of the operation of the buildings in relation to both indoor environment and low energy use.

Graduating from Building Energy Design, you will have an influence on the environmental development in our future society by working with topics such as energy use and optimization, alternative energy, computer simulation of energy flux, control of building systems, indoor climate, heating plants, and mechanical and natural ventilation.

Application process:

For more information about this program or the application process, please send an e-mail with your contact details to

More details: Master Building Energy Design of Aalborg University - Campus Aalborg.

Type: Master

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