QUBANC Bar Stool



Oak Bar stool

Modern design and precise workmanship in a timeless form.

  • A furniture product made by us gives you a full potential to complement your unique style.
  • The whole process from the creation of the design is thought through to the smallest details.
  • The product contains features of durability, care for the environment and modernity.

The product is made by an experienced craftsman, based on traditional methods of durable Polish oak. In the whole production process we use only natural methods of wood preservation and we do not make overproduction to respect the extraordinary materials that our planet gives us.

Made of natural oak.


  • Natural
  • Black


  • Length 35 cm 
  • Hight 70 cm 
  • Depth 35 cm 


  • Production time: 2 weeks
  • Delivery time 1 - 2 weeks;