RETRO Dining Set


Italian Outdoor Retro Dining Table 80x80

Designer: Studio Talenti


  • Chair size:
    • H: 84 W:53 L:45
    • Weight: 4kg
  • Table size:
    • H: 75 W:80 L:80
    • Weight: 13kg
  • Set of 1 table and 4 chairs
    • Steel frame treated with nano-ceramic, cataphoresis and powder coating processes.
    • Colours available: white (M1) or dove (M3).


        • free delivery
        • 10 - 15 working days

        Retro Dining Table 

        A name that resumes design: it is Retrò collection by the designer Roberto Serio. Every item is revised with capability and in a practical way. Light and unique thanks to the uniqueness of the design. An advantage to guarantee exclusiveness to places where the design is essential.


        • For dacron and expanded polyurethane padding cushions in rainy conditions a dry area should be provided to prevent the formation of mold.
        • Do not bleach. Use only mild detergent or soap.
        • Use cold water and gentle soap for cleaning metal painted surfaces.
        • Use white vinegar dilute with cold water and a soft cloth for removing calcareous spots.
        • During the non-use period keep the furniture in a dry place and protect it from water stagnation.

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