SIT AND PLAY Soft Play Set


Fabric Colour

Sit and Play Soft Play Set

All elements are safe and soft, creating a fun and imaginative soft play environment.
Let the children’s fantasy bloom creating their own stories while having a fantastic time.
With Soft Play you improve your child’s Gross motor skills abilities, which include running, jumping, hopping, turning, skipping, throwing, balancing, and dancing, involve the use of large bodily movements. Support your child and never let the child play unattended.

These beautiful soft play elements equipment can be utilized in a living room, playroom or nursery.


Play set: 120 cm x 45 cm x 45 cm


  • Faux Leather


  • Ivory,
  • Light Pink,
  • Light Blue,
  • Beige


  • Normal
  • Mini

    Key features

    • 4 Elements
    • Cleaning : Wipe with a damp cloth, *NO wash in the washing machine*.


    We are providing most of our products with a new innovative plant-based foam, which is organic, recyclable, washable, breathable for the perfect economical, comfort and wellbeing of the child. Furthermore, the foam (fiber) is natural non-flammable. Keep your little ones safe, happy, and healthy with a Danish Design.


    2 - 3 weeks