VIVECA Pine Bedside Cabinet


The Skandica Viveca pine bedside cabinet

Pine bedside cabinet made of solid pine wood

Designer Julia Kononenko


    VIVECA Bedside Cabinet is part of the collection of the same name, which includes a beautiful bed and a functional chest of drawers. The designer focused on its usefulness and comfort. She equipped it with a high shelf for a bottle of water and a smaller shelf, which will successfully fit a book. Below it there is a small drawer equipped with a "push up" system, which ensures that after pressing the front the drawer opens by itself. In the drawer, you can organize many valuable things, such as glasses or a phone. The whole piece of furniture is made of solid wood combined with micro trailers. This means that we have not used any substitutes, but solid natural wood.


    • Width: 45 cm
      Depth: 45 cm
      Height: 39 cm
      Shelf height: 13 cm and 27,5 cm
      Drawer fronts height: 10 cm
      Height of legs: 8,5 cm
      Board thickness: 1.8 cm


      • Delivery time: 4 - 5 weeks.


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