Living Room Style: Scandinavian Homes
March 03, 2016

Living Room Style: Scandinavian Homes

Allow the wellness feeling of the Scandinavian style into your home.

Add character to your interior.

Get your friends to envy your designer skills.  

Tip of the month: Go natural, go neutral

One of the best things about styling your living room is that now you can easily integrate some of the best Scandinavian design pieces. The access to internet allows you to search for ideas and shop online for that quelque chose that makes you feel happy. 

The overall palette of Scandinavian style is restful and neutral. It is combined with natural elements such as earth, stone, wood or anything that connects the indoor to outdoor. If you want to give it a contemporary twist, choose cool grey neutrals with a slight underlying warmth. 

Natural wood plays an important part in bringing comfort and warmth. Anything that adds texture, such as a slate floor, stone or wall paneling, stops the neutrals looking too flat or stark. This versatile style opens endless possibilities of combining good pieces of furniture, textiles and accessories. 

Occasional flashes of colour of spring blues, teals and yellow. Scandinavian and modern geometric patterns are found on rugs, art or furniture. 

Most of all, remember that we are over-flooded by too many useless and boring objects. Stay away from the platitude of the market. Surround yourself with creative, unique, useful and fun furniture and accessories.