Easter table styling is an opportunity to be creative and stun your guests. With so many pictures out there, it is hard to decide. We are selecting here a few ideas, to make it easier for you to pick a style.  

 1. Minimalist

The Norwegian designer Elisabeth Heier has a great eye. The simplicity of her approach is impressive. What I love about it is that it's so easy to replicate in any home. Just slightly dip the eggs in paint (acrylic, for example) of a colour of your choice and hang it on a branch that you just picked up during your walk. Add some spring flowers and a few wooden pots for texture, and that's it. 

2. Rustic Chic


Courtney is posting on her blog a table setting that combines rustic elements with gold and ceramic. Everything she uses is bought in affordable shops and it gives inspiration to those who like a touch of glamour for Easter. 

3. Pansies 

No idea who the author of this Easter table styling is. I found it on Pinterest and it became my favourite. Do not throw away your eggshells after cooking the Easter cakes. Wash and dry them, buy some small pansies and decorate your table. It will be very special. 

4. Scandinavian

Nina has styled her Easter table in a Scandinavian style. On her Blog, you can find out how to dye marble eggs using nail polish. You can also steal some ideas on styling your brunch or dinner table. Just change the beige tablecloth with a black one and you get a formal look. 

5. Elegant


I have a soft spot for simple and elegant DIY options. I am not a fan of pink, but this mixture of pink spring flowers, natural wood, textiles, pink stripes on the egg and the name tag, just goes to prove that any colour is stunning, as long as you know how to use it. Emma Reddington and Rayna Schwartz have great ideas about how to dress a modern Easter table. 



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