1. Choose something you will enjoy looking at every day


When you buy art you have to be sure of what you are buying. Remember that when you wake up every morning your pictures, paintings of whatever you choose, should put you in a good mood.

2. Don’t be afraid to go Bold

Wall Art Bold


When considering bold art, you should always remember that you want your art to be the main statement of the room. You want it to be gripping.

3. Don’t be shy, go Big


The most common mistake people make is that they choose art that is too small for the wall or for the room it’s being put in. Dare to go for something big! Give your guests the chance to be impressed!

4. Be unique, go Green


Let me introduce you to green walls. Green walls are a great way to hide an ugly wall, they are  great at improving air quality, they take up no floor space and they add great texture to the room. Now, if you tell me that wasn’t enough to convince you, I don’t know what to say. And, I forgot to mention, buying them is not as hard as it used to be. In fact you have the chance to buy them right here.

5. Don’t be afraid to simply go Neutral


The title is self explanatory and the image proves it. The room looks amazing and calming at the same time. I wish I were there.

6. Family Pictures? Go Monochromatic, go Black and White.


Hanging family pictures can be a really hard thing to do and the biggest problem people encounter is the picture messing up the room’s colour scheme. And I’ve got good news for you! The solution is right there and it is choosing black and white pictures. By doing this no neon shirt, too green pants or bright red socks showing up in pictures can ever destroy your colour scheme again.

7. Go for something that tells a story.


OK, so, just you know. I find this AMAZING! The creative Christian Jackson does this kind of clever art.

8. Don’t be afraid to group images


Grouping images is actually a very interesting thing. Everybody is so scared to do it because they think it is boring or unattractive, when actually, it is very visually pleasing. Go ahead and do it yourself to achieve this unique and clean look. Click on these posters if you are attracted by this neutral look. 

9. Go ahead and be innovative



I know this is a pretty basic tip, but many people overlook it. Your wall can create interest in many ways. Buy an innovative clock and you will create a lot of buzz around it. Remember that time is something that you check very often, so make it interesting to look at. Find more designer ideas here


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NicheCanvas said:

This is awesome! I’d definitely be interested in purchasing if it ever came up for sale! I like your technics of Green walls are a great way to hide an ugly wall, I really appreciate it.

Zoe Campos said:

I definitely think that turning our family photos into black and white is a great way of matching the colors. My mother is thinking of hanging more photos on our neutral-colored walls to make it homier for our visiting family members next month. It might be a good idea to find a place that offers custom picture framing services so we can ensure that we’ll be able to have the same kind of frames for all kinds of photos.


Jesse Ford said:

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Lyla Peterson said:

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rachel frampton said:

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Charles Jordan said:

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Lucy Tuazon said:

I think that this idea will make the decorations of the house complete, I just have to choose some paintings that will best match our house as well as will best explain our personality. Having a wall art inside a house is some form of making a statement as well as balancing the design of the house giving it a great accent that contrasts the color. I wanted to suggest hanging three square pieces of artwork that has the same size, I think this will be best placed on hallways. Thanks!


Bobby Saint said:

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Wall Tapestry said:

All your advice is awesome. I love wall arts for decorating my house. Many times I get confused to choose a right wall art for my home. But, now your tips will help me a lot. Thank you for sharing this post with us.

Rachel Lannister said:

I loved your advice about getting multiple pictures that are similar or related, and grouping them together on a wall together. I’ve always struggled with decorating my home, and wanted to get some tips. I’ll have to find some art I could buy and group together as this could help fill out a space so nicely.

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