Old Garage Turned into a Cosy Home Lounge
April 14, 2016

Old Garage Turned into a Cosy Home Lounge

Have you met Manuel?

He is our charming and creative interior designer. Manuel was faced with a challenge. How to re-purpose an old, unused garage into a space that has a very good degree of functionality. The young family needed more relaxation and entertaining space. 

Solution: the old garage, turned into a cosy home lounge, with an eclectic vibe, has become the family attraction. 

Wood adds a lot of character to the room, it gives the look and feel of a chalet. Manuel used different kinds and colours of wood to cover the ceiling, flooring and the main wall. 

The geometric patterns that cover the wall, lighted by blue wall lamps, create a strikingly beautiful focal point. 

The eclectic vibe is created also by the old rustic fire place and the daring choice of blue for the large window, which allows light to flood the space during the day. 

This wooden bar, with oxidized tin plates, the choice of lights and décor bring in a vintage and industrial touch. The custom made yellow sofa brightens the space. The textiles are playful and colourful. The family loves it and we love it too. 

Have you got a challenging project? Do you want to wow your friends and guests? It is definitely time to get the unconventional Manuel on-board.