Hanging a Pendant Light
September 09, 2019

Hanging a Pendant Light

How High Should I Hang a Pendant Light? Avoid This Mistake!

Pendants are a beautiful addition to your home, but in so many cases they look completely out of place. One of the most common mistakes when it comes to designing with pendant lights is the wrong height. No matter how beautiful and how expensive the pendant light, putting it at the wrong height will disrupt the ambience and most likely impact on the beauty of the room. 


So many homes have the decorative lighting hanging right up close to the ceiling!  This is a mistake, as the pendant lights over the dining table are a key focus in the room and one of the main accessories for your interior decoration. 

Compare the pictures below to see the different impact of low hanging pendant lights.

Ceiling Pendant

Dining light close to the ceiling

Dining Light at 75 cm above the table

Pendants over dining tables

The optimal distance between the pendant light and the tabletop is 60 - 80 CM.  Hang them higher than that and they are no longer a design feature. At the recommended height, they create a cosy atmosphere at the table and a focal point.  

Sit at the table when adjusting their height. You don't want them to stay between you and your guests, but only slightly above that visual line. 

Check out the lights below for more inspiration:



Asteria White Perl Dimmable LED Light

Clava Dine Red Earth Light

Aluvia Black Pendant Light

Clava Dine Brass Light

In conclusion, if you are googling "How High Should I Hang a Pendant Light", you are on the right track. You didn't go ahead to hang a beautiful light on a short string, thus ruining your beautiful design. You took the time to research and get the best out of your investment, so this makes you a great designer! The looks, the size and the design matter as much as the place where the light is placed!

The next post will focus on hanging pendant lights about the kitchen island.