House Design of the Week: The Fin
June 17, 2016

House Design of the Week: The Fin

It is so inspiring to find great house designs. Especially when small houses are planned in such a smart way that they seem large, serene and welcoming. 

The Fin House has some of the greatest features when it comes to architecture, interior design and location. 

1. Bold architecture

Is it a tent or a mountain hut? None of them, actually, it is a FIN, inspired by its coastal location. This house is set close to a beach on Waiheke Island, in New Zeeland. Its perfect geometry makes it a heaven for couples looking for a peaceful place to live or spend a vacation. But I can easily see such houses being built on small hills with great views over Irish lakes, as well as on cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean or the Irish Sea. 

2. Minimalist interior design

Most of all, I love the minimalist interiors. White may not be everybody's cup of tea, but apart from making a small room look bigger, it allows you to add texture and colour to personalize your house. In this particular case, the big windows bring inside spectacular outdoor colours. 

The sofa is both contemporary and mid-century style. Here is a collection of sofas which can make a great addition to this interior. It makes more sense to have a sofa-bed rather than a sofa because it can always be used to host guests overnight. 

The animal skin on the floor adds texture to the interior. If this is not your favourite, you can always find a full collection of natural textured rugs, including very elegant leather rugs, on our website

The floor lamp, which can be spotted in the first frontal picture of the house, is smart and chick. If you are looking for inspiration, check this link for more floor lamps options. 

The kitchen in black and dark wood is a very beautify choice for the open plan living room, contrasting with the rest of the room. 

I do see myself having a very relaxing sleep in this beautiful bedroom, with views overlooking the forest. 

The white bathroom with the integrated shower is all you need to feel at home. But you can always relax in the the spa pool set amongst the native bush. It is the ultimate way to relax with a glass in hand of one of the lovely local wines at the end of the day

3. Organic stairway 

The striking beauty of the stairway is due to its organic shape. Even though it is placed in the middle of the open kitchen / living room, it is perfectly integrated in the overall ambient and pulls everything together. 

4. Large windows 

The outdoor becomes part of the indoor, as light, sun and nature floods the house through the huge window wall. One care contemplate the large terrace and the green plants that surround the property. 

5. Location

For comfort-loving folks, like me, this is a dream that comes true: enjoying the outdoor without camping, in the most gorgeous, stylish, contemporary way possible. 

The best part is that this house, designed by the ward-winning designer Chris Tatehouse is for sale now, should you decide to move to New Zealand ;)