5 Steps to a Stylish Small Living Room

March 01, 2017

5 Steps to a Stylish Small Living Room

Sometimes we feel that we don't have many styling options, especially when we live in small spaces/

Follow these 5 steps to create a stylish living room without breaking the bank. Remember that "less is always more".

Before doing anything, start with a mood board. This simple mood board features furniture and accessories that can be purchased online on D40Studio.

1. How to choose the paint colour for the walls

If you can't decide on a colour for your small living room, have your walls painted in white or grey. These are neutral colours which allow a huge variety of combinations and styles. Try to stay within the colour range from your mood board. Keep away from yellow, orange or pink because finding the right hue for your wall can be risky, unless you work with a professional designer. If you love pink or yellow you can still include them when you accessorise your living room. 

2. What area rug works best 

Find an area rug that reflects light so that the living room can look bigger and brighter. Natural fibres such as bamboo, silk, leather or even hemp would make a great choice. Reflecting light will add a spark of luxury to the room. This bamboo rug has a very soft feel and it looks amazing. 

3. How to chose the furniture 

Grey Sofa, Sofabed

This stylish grey sofa is designed in Denmark. It is a unique sofa that easily turns into a comfortable bed, serving both as a contemporary 3 seater sofa and a sofa-bed. It is now on sale, at the price of €999.99.

4. How to light your small living room

Good lights are crucial. Combine ceiling lights with floor and table lamps. Thus you will have several layers of light that will make the living room so much more beautiful. Get rid of the "one bulb light" in the middle of the room and replace it with tracking lights.  

The Acorn pendant is a beautiful light which can hang down the ceiling over the coffee table or above the side tables by the sofa. It features an elegant combination of black and brass, a very good Danish quality, at an excellent price of €87.99 only during our current offer.

5. How to accessorise a small living room

Throws, plants, candle holders and books are great choices to accessorise a small room. Do not skimp on the money when it comes to accessories. Cheap looking accessories and clutter will ruin the overall look. Make sure that you put your plant in a gorgeous pot. 

The above accessories, designed by Novoform. A throw can be bought at the price of €47. The beautiful black matte Candle Holder costs €68 and the glass candle holder costs 27. 

Wall art 


Instead of buying cheap wall art, replace it with big designer wall clocks. Do not settle for the boring clocks that you see everywhere. Make a statement in a small room by choosing a clock that says something about you. The Bike wall clock (50x50 cm) is now 79.99 EUR. 

You can now start styling your living room.   

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