August 01, 2017

SMALL Apartment Solutions

Recent years' urbanisation has put Compact Living on the agenda in Ireland, especially in Dublin area.

When the space shrinks, demands on creativity in interior design grow. Multi-functional furniture is one solution to having a friendly, stylish and beautiful small apartment.

The biggest challenge is this: the living room becomes the centre of family,  a multi-room, where several activities are going on at the same time. There has to be space for children to play and tumble, but at the same time, there must be a cozy corner, offering tranquility to work or relax. When guests arrive, there should be a friendly area to chat, have a drink and a good laugh.

Our Scandinavian designer sofas and sofa-beds are a practical solution for young professionals who are challenged by the compact living. 

A sofa and a sofa-bed

The Splitback sofa bed has a two-piece backrest, which is easily adjustable to three different positions - sofa, relax and bed. 

Sofa Bed for Small Apartments











The Splitback sofa and chairs are designed to interact with each other to adapt to our needs.

A sofa becomes a sofa-bed, so that you can even host overnight guests.

Sofa Into Sofa-bed

The chair becomes an ottoman. 

A chair that becomes an ottoman is really a new thing. Multi-purpose furniture is really smart. 

Ottoman and Chair

The sofa and the chair become a corner sofa. 

If you put together a sofa and a chair, you get a corner sofa. That's how good and smart the design is. 

Corner Sofa

Conversation area

Add another chair and you have plenty of room to sit and chat with friends.  

Corner Sofa and Armchair

Reading daybed

An armchair and a chair that can be also an ottoman (!!!) create a lovely daybed or a lounge chair for a reading corner. 

 Lounge Chair Daybed

Our sofas and sofa-beds are designed for young professionals who live and work in big cities. When the living spaces get smaller, the solutions get smarter.

We sell the sofas online and deliver from Denmark to every customer for whom the time and the space are important.