A Consultant's Office
May 21, 2021

A Consultant's Office

A Bland office gets infused with subtle inner warmth and style

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After setting up her consulting business, our client decided to rent a new office. She wanted an upscaled design that would not only increase client acquisition, but also make coming to work more pleasant.

The before pictures

Before Pics D40Studio

After sending us pictures of the space and the room measurements, we proceeded to work on the design proposal. We started with an initial assessment of needs, constraints and style preferences. By taking into consideration that the flooring and the window frames couldn't be changed, we created several concepts to capture the essence of our client's wishes.

Final Proposal

The final design introduced a functional stand-up desk, task lights and ambient lights, beautiful artwork, and storage space.

Textured stylish and comfortable chairs for clients as well as a beautiful rug pull together the central area and create a special atmosphere for business meetings and working hours.

Office Design D40Studio 

Office D40Studio 

Office Design

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