Interior Design

Our design team will create your room design based on your personality, wishes and ideas. 


How does the online design work?

Step one: Tell us about your wishes and your space

Get started. It's easy, we just need to understand your needs and your style preferences.

First of all, send us an email which includes details about your room (measurements and photos).

  1. Which room would you like to redesign?*
  2. Please include:
Pictures of the room;
The floor plan of the room. For the floor plan, even a hand drawn sketch with all relevant dimensions (size, ceiling height, doors, boards, windows, etc.) is sufficient.
  1. How would you describe your ideal room?
What is your personal style? Feel free to email us pictures of interiors which can help us understand what you like.
Which pieces of furniture would you like to keep?
  1. Please let us know what your aims and constraints are.
Rearranging the furniture in a room, getting rid of unnecessary pieces and de-cluttering to drastically improve the overall look of the space?
Complete makeover?
We will work with your wishes and constraints.

Step two: Talk to a designer

In 24 hours a designer will contact you and start working with you. Please visit the link below to finalize placing the order.

3D Interior Design Project for One Room

Step three: Receive the design of your room

We will send you three proposals, which 3D versions of your room and we will make available to your multiple pictures, the room plan and furniture layout.

*Please note that this is an online service.

**Online interior design services for kitchens and bathrooms are not yet provided.