May 18, 2021


 A beautiful new apartment with an open space concept

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The owner of this beautiful new apartment is a young, outgoing software developer, who wanted an inviting "living room, dining room combo" for the frequent gatherings and parties he hosts.

The new design that our team developed takes into consideration the already existing kitchen and dining area.

The before pictures

Our proposals focused on creating a spacious sitting area with plenty of light. Since the apartment has no direct neighbours, we advised for a room without curtains. The windows are provided with outdoor blinds that shelter the interior from the heat during the summer. With a few designer touches, the apartment became a stunning area. 

Here are the two options we curated for the owner.

OPTION 1: Window Facing Concept

This proposal opens up the space to the outside area and creates the illusion of a larger room that continues with the balcony. To bring in more light, we advised for a light-grey bamboo rug. An industrial pendant with multiple bulbs is an excellent structural addition to the living room.




OPTION 2: Room Facing Concepts

Our proposals played with the position of the sofa, wall art and lights. Creating various options is a key process in helping our client visualize the room and take decisions.




Our customer was worried that the apartment was too small for the concept we prepared. That is why we also included a furniture layout plan based on the architectural house plans, so that we make sure everything fits nicely in the space.

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