Teenage Bedroom Challenge
July 12, 2021

Teenage Bedroom Challenge

A perfectly good bedroom gets a makeover to match the needs of a Teenager

Transforming a guest bedroom into a practical and cool teenage room required a little bit of design gymnastics, especially because the room was in a new house which hardly needed any renovation. 

The before pictures

Our strategy was to interfere minimally with the walls and neutral colours, keep what is practical and purchase only the necessary items. One big decision was to get rid of the large double bed and replace it with a cosy multifunctional sofa-bed. This allowed for a generous desk and a storage space for books. The large wardrobe was kept as it generously hosts items that otherwise would be laying around the room.

Option1: Quick Fix. Minimum Investment

After eliminating the huge bed, we made space for a study & sleep area with a lot of storage.

Option 2: Take it to the next level

The other option that we are sharing here requires a higher financial effort, but with a great visual impact for a teenager's room. A black painted wall, wooden additions and bold lights create a design that is perfect for our young client. It was agreed though that the art work should have Anime posters :)

The Teen sofa-bed that we envisioned would provide that level of multi-functionality necessary for a room that is a place to study, sleep or entertain friends. Especially since it was designed with the comfort for sleep in mind.

We suggested a stand-up desk that is so necessary nowadays, when we have to spend so much time at the computer. An additional bookshelf with a metal frame creates more space for storing school supplies while brining in an industrial feel. The BAMBOO rug is made of 100% bamboo fibres which gives a luxurious feel due to the unique softness and shiny surface. 

Our customer

We are delighted with the interior design service from
D40Studio. We had a challenge to convert a small guest bedroom into a hybrid teen room with the occasional guest. Through very simple steps (plans, some ideas of style, existing furniture), the interior designer provided fast design options, integrating our taste within. From there, we worked together to come up with the best solution. We didn't have to commit buying the furniture from D40Studio and the designer gave us at all times options for each of the selections. Within days, we have a plan of action and our son is delighted. I will hire the service next time I have a difficult need. And I strongly recommend the service for anyone looking for top expertise, advice on shopping and fast delivery of concepts.


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