MOUNTAINS Wall Sticker Set


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Parents wanted to know what to do with the wall which is constantly being touched or kicked by children. So we created a wall sticker that would solve the problem of the irritating dirty walls.

The mountains are printed on a foil with a super strong glue. The mountains are in one piece so the application is very fast and easy. You just have to remember that it is better to apply it with in two people due to their length of over 150 cm. 

Small black elements – cut out of a foil with not so strong glue and added on a separate sheet – are for arrangement on the wall. Apply them after the application of the mountains. 

The sticker is covered with an additional laminate. And the two layers of the product (foil + laminate) create a thick enough coating that the protector protects the wall against minor mechanical damage e.g. kicks.

To produce the behind-the-bed wall sticker SCANDI MOUNTAINS we used two kinds of material. One piece is printed and the other one is cut from a black foil. The mountains are printed on the foil with a very strong glue. They are also laminated so that one can erase any kind of dirt from the behind-the-bed wall sticker. The black elements are made of a black foil which a less strong glue so you one can easily stick them (or erase carefully) on the wall wherever you want.

Size of the elements:

  • behind-the-bed wall sticker: 155 cm x 50 cm
  • black elements / trees, tipi: about 10-15 cm height
  • size of the clouds: from 20 x 5 cm to 46 x 13 cm

      Key Information:

      • It offers great protection for the wall behind the bed
      • The behind-the-bed wall stickers are an amazing decoration.
      • Not only are they beautiful but they are also durable and very easy to clean with a wet cloth. 
      • 10 - 15 days delivery time when not in stock
      • If you put them all together like in the picture you’ll obtain a beautiful composition measuring about 155 x 60 cm