UMAGE Vita Copenhagen

Cannonball Cluster 2

Pendant Light

The Cluster is designed for exposed decorative led lightbulbs, if you prefer an industrial look. 

For a very stylish look, you have the option to combine it with the Acorn Lampshades.

Materials: silicone ball and textile cord

Inspired by the perfectly round shape of a sphere, the VITA Cannonball Cluster is a discreet and organic canopy created for hanging two pendant lights in an elegant way.

The VITA Cannonball Cluster 2 is perfect for creating playful clusters of two ceiling lamps in a straight line or at different heights. 

Exquisite packaging, it makes a great gift for weddings or birthdays.


Max 15 W LED


Cannon ball: diameter 12 cm; height 12 cm

Cord: 2.5 m, textile

Designer: Soren Rayn Christensen


  • Colour:
    • Cannonball Cluster 2 white
    • Cannonball Cluster 2 black
  • Lightbulbs:
    • No lightbulbs
    • 2 IDEA 2W lightbulbs (smart LED A++)
  • Acorn Lampshades:
    • No Acorn Lampshades
    • 2 Acorn Lampshades

It can be combined with any lampshade or light bulb of your choice. We recommend Acorn Black or White.   

Assembly instructions included in the package. 

Delivery time: 10 days

Free Delivery Ireland and UK

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