TEEN FRACTION Super Soft Sofa Bed (120 cm)

20 Day Delivery Innovation

Teenager Bedroom Fraction Super Soft Sofa Bed

Contemporary design for teenagers' rooms.

The FRACTION sofa has 2 back positions.

The FRACTION bed has 4 step head elevations.

It enables you to create a playful non-static living room.

Adjustable backrest 

It is a unique sofa bed design that easily turns into a comfortable bed for everyday use.



Bed size:120 x 200 cm

Bed with 4 step head elevation & sofa with 2 back positions



An 18 cm ultra-soft spring mattress. The special combination of a core of 10 cm membrane-bounded pocket spring surrounded by 5 cm of hypersoft foam on top and 3 cm compact foam at the bottom, makes it highly resilient.


  • 519GB Elegance Petrol,
  • 521GB Mixed Dance Grey
  • 525GB Mixed Dance Light Blue
  • 528GB Mixed Dance Blue,
  • 565GB Twist Granite,
  • 577GB Kenya Dark Grey,
  • 578GB Kenya Taupe,

All fabrics are extremely durable and have a Martindale score of over 80000 units. They exceed even the durability of sofas required for public spaces, which is 35000 units. 


  • Black steel


  • Sofa with no seat frame cover,
  • Sofa with seat frame cover,


  • 4 weeks (20 business days)


This sofa bed needs assembly using the tools and fittings supplied. 

Assembly Instructions

Type: Sofa bed

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