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Liva is a classic pine bed. Pine wood has a natural charm and warm color that gives the bed a cozy and pleasant look. This makes it suitable for many different bedroom styles, both modern and classic. When you choose a pine bed, you are choosing an ecological product. Liva means natural beauty, durability, accessibility and ecology. It is an excellent choice for people who value simplicity, elegance and functionality in their bedroom. Pine wood has distinct grain and texture, which gives it a unique and interesting look.

The height from the floor to the frame is 22 cm.
– external Width of the bed – Width of the mattress + 10cm (e.g. the Width of the mattress is 120cm + 10cm, which gives a total Width of the bed of 130cm) –
external length of the bed – length of the mattress + 12cm
– space under the side of the bed – 21cm
– height of the top from the head – 70.5cm
– height of the top from the legs – 58.5cm
– leg – 7.8x 7.8cm
– thickness – 2cm

- Delivery time: 5-6 weeks