Peony Flowers Sticker - 100x130cm


Peony flowers sticker is a phenomenal wall decoration dedicated to the girl's room. It will look great as a headrest sticker or self-adhesive anywhere on the wall. It will be a stylish decoration that will fill the empty space and give the interior a romantic, girly character. The pattern is extremely realistic, because it is based on the photo we took! We love these flowers.

In addition to its obvious decorative function, the sticker also protects against mechanical damage, which is not difficult - especially in the bed of a particularly frisky little one. Thanks to the sticker behind the bed you will avoid having to refresh the wall every now and then.

What’s important, our stickers are made in the easy dot technique, which means that they are printed on a special foil with a dot adhesive that can be reapplied from place to place - without worrying about damaging the surface or the sticker itself. Forget about the bubbles when you stick them!

The set has a size of 120x100cm and is protected by a transport film, thanks to which you can easily transfer the stickers to the wall. Just peel off the white sheet (so that the sticker stays on the transport film), then stick the sticker to the wall and pull off the transport film.