Space Sloth Sticker Set 100x100 cm


Space Stickers is a decoration created for little sky watchers and astronomy adventure lovers. The sheet features fun sloths, a space rocket, planets and stars. This children's room decoration is not only a great interior decoration, but also a perfect gift for a space lover.

The sticker is made with Easy Dot technology (a special film with glue dots), thanks to which application is extremely simple. You can reposition stickers from place to place - without worrying about damaging the surface or the sticker itself. Also, forget about bubbles while you're gluing!

The template has dimensions of 105x100cm and is protected by a transport foil, thanks to which you can easily apply the stickers to the wall. The shapes are cut along the contour - they only need to be peeled off the backing (while leaving it on the transport foil) and glue to the wall.