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The Tonja pine bed is modern design that has retained its constant popularity for many years. It is available in two variants: classic and with additional drawers. They are characterized by a minimalist approach and exceptional functionality, typical of the Estonian style. This is a beautiful, classic bed made of natural pine wood, covered with natural varnish and delights with its simple, aesthetic form. It fits perfectly into bold, contemporary interiors.

– external Width of the bed – Width of the mattress + 5.5cm
– external length of the bed – length of the mattress + 23cm
– space under the side of the bed – 24cm
– depth for the slats –27.5cm
– height of the headrest from the floor – 90cm
– height of the front leg – 44.3cm
– thickness – 2.5cm

- Delivery time: 5-6 weeks