VESTRE Beech Maxi Bed 4 Drawers



The Comfortable and functional piece of furniture with drawers under the mattress which will be a great place to store, and the increased height will make it easier to lie down and get up. The length greater by 20 cm will be a convenience for tall people. . 

Key features:

  • Solid and durable bed;
  • Made of high-quality raw materials: solid wood, finger-jointed, joined with screws and additionally fixed with fittings;
  • Mattress not included;
  • Slats not included;
  • Material: solid beech wood Headrest: beech wood 
  • The method of wood finishing: double sanding + stain + 2 coats of varnish 
  • Wood joined with finger joints - thanks to this, it is free from blemishes and knots on the visible side, and most importantly, it is more resistant to damage and moisture - shows better mechanical properties compared to solid wood and does not bend
  • The "fifth" leg strengthens the bed structure

Slats Options

    The slats can be additionally purchased:


    • Overall length: 220CM
    • Mattress size:
      • 120 x 200CM,
      • 140 x 200CM,
      • 160 x 200CM,
      • 180 x 200CM,
      • 200 x 200CM,
    • Overall height: 86 cm 
    • Height from the floor to the top of the frame: 38 cm 
    • Mattress space depth: 7,5 cm 
    • The thickness of the frame slats: 2 cm 
    • Drawer front height: 21 cm
    • Drawer length: 50 cm and 150 cm (inner length 45 and 145 cm)
    • Internal width of the drawers: 54.6 cm (for a bed 120 x 200 cm); 64.6 cm (for a 140 x 200 cm bed); 84.6 cm (for a 160 x 200 cm bed); 94.6 cm (for a 200 x 200 cm bed)
    • Thickness of the bed frame boards: 2.5 cm 
    • Legs thickness: 4 cm


    • White,
    • Oak,
    • Alder,
    • Natural,
    • Walnut,
    • Palisander,

    Important information

    • Mattress not included;
    • Slats not included - they can be additionally purchased together with a bed;
    • 5 to 7-week delivery time;
    • Delivered flat-packed.

    Type: Bed

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