WHITE Happy Rabbits Wonderland Wall Sticker


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When we did our classic brown bunnies with Kasia Stróżyńska Goraj, we immediately knew that a WHITE version MUST be created. White, happy rabbits slightly in the English style. The guidelines were 3 words: pastels, balloons, fun.

8 rabbits in – more or less – original sizes. But in funny, playful poses.

It’s a great kit for brightening your toddler’s room. White rabbits will not dominate the room, they will be an addition to it, they will definitely brighten the interior.

Dimensions of the entire sheet: 100 x 70 cm


Sample animal sizes:

  • sleepy: 31 cm x 19 cm
  • looking up: 18 cm x 24 cm
  • reading book: 16 cm x 30 cm
  • jumping: 32 cm x 25 cm

    Key Information

    • 10 - 15 days delivery time when not in stock
    • The price is sticker set - 105 x 75CM

    The material has a strong acrylic-based adhesive and the so-called block-out function, which means that no color element on the wall shows through the sticker.

    The sticker has a delicate structure, barely perceptible (like the material), but it is this material that provides a strong and wonderful color reproduction, which is perfect for e.g. pets. They just look alive!

    Our material is exceptionally easy to glue, has strong glue, but not as strong as all advertising films, for example, that catch from the first second.

    The delicate structure on the surface of the sticker makes it possible to scratch it. However, it is not easy.

    Stickers also do not have the so-called transport foil, additional, which so far was necessary in the production of all stickers. The simplicity with which stickers are affixed to our material allows you to avoid this additional and often redundant point of the program.