WORDS Magnetic Board


Magnetic Board, Organiser and Wall Decoration

Includes 5 magnets that allow you to place on the board surface anything you like - pictures, memos, notes. 

It is an innovative piece of wall art and an organiser. 

Words pay tribute to words, inviting you to use them carefully. Use this wall decoration in living and sitting areas, by the sofa or by the dining table. Put it in your office, so that inspires yourself and your clients. It is a strong statement. 

It makes a great gift. 

Italian design


H 50 cm / W 50 cm / Thickness 2 cm

H 80 cm / W 80 cm / Thickness 2 cm


Laser-cut, bent, powder-coated metal sheet. Hand screen printed.

Delivery time: 10 days

Free delivery

Type: Wall art

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