FANTASY Circus Retro! Toy And Bookstand In One 135CM


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The idea for the stands began with the Fantasy Theaters we introduced a year ago. Kasia from Dekornik came up with the idea of this toy when she noticed a theater-booth at one of the exhibitions in Palermo, which was used by the children to play. And she was mesmerized, she had to do one (but a better one) for Dekornik.

We have been thinking for a long time how to create a toy that is functional, yet nice and easy to use! The one that will not become boring after the first couple of hours of playing and will be multifunctional as well. That is why our stand is also … A BOOKSTAND!

On one hand, it serves as a toy and stand, on the other it can be a bookstand. All you have to do is insert an additional shelf (it is included in the set) and … turn over the whole item. Et voila! A toy becomes a furniture!

The toy / piece of furniture is made of varnished plywood, because we do not want any splinters in a children’s toy.

The varnish we use is water-based, so it is completely safe for children.

Key Information

  • height when folded: 135 cm
  • width when folded: 80 cm
  • 4 basic elements for assembling the stand: two legs and two fronts (upper and lower)
    • two additional shelves
    • curtain stick
    • sticks for creating a bookshelf
    • a white, cotton curtain with golden stars with a decorative trimming with fluffy bubbles
    • stickers on the front wall (on the lower and upper part)
    • set of gold stars for self-arrangement


  • 10 - 15 days delivery time when not in stock

  • The whole is packed and shipped in a cardboard box 120x80x10cm and weighs over 6 kg.